Friday, September 26, 2008

A Bitter-Sweet Situation

Two weeks ago I turned 50 years old. Thirty-eight of those years I have been saved ~ a child of the King ~ the Lord Jesus Christ. You might think that in all those years I would know the Bible fairly well ~ yet to my shame I do not. But for nearly a year I’ve been feasting at His table ~ lapping up the Holy Bible like a thirsty dog lapping up water on a hot summer day.

It’s kind of bitter-sweet. Bitter because so many years have gone by without truly studying God’s Word as I should have ~ and sweet because it has become so precious to me as I am getting to know God better. I believe that I worry and fret far less ~ and I know I trust far more. It is a much better way of life. For even when I’m not on the mountain top I am happy in Him. And that, my friend, is an awesome experience.

So don’t forget ~ if we aren’t reading The Word then we aren’t fully communicating with our Mighty God.

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