Saturday, December 20, 2008

One Cute Blog

I know I'm kind of pitiful ~ changing my blog background so often. But you will have to admit that this one is kind of darling. I went to The Cutest Blog On The Block (where I always go) and noticed that there was a link for other free blog backgrounds. Eventually I made my way over to One Cute Blog and I gotta tell ya ~ there were some pretty ones over there. I chose the gingerbread man ~ I thought he was really cute. Listen it is 2:30 in the morning here in Kentucky ~ and I have insomnia. Maybe that's why I change my background so often ~ I'm bored. :)

4 Thoughts On The Matter:

~~Deby said...

This is a cute one....why not...that is the beauty of blogging...and is 2:40 in the morning here is Washington....shall we have coffee together or something?

susansspace said...

Very cute, Cathryn! I'm usually up late also. 1:00-2:00 a.m. is about usual for me.
Thanks for visiting my crafts blog! I'll be posting pictures of our various current & finished projects real soon.
Have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!


I love all your backgounds and your post. I have been so excited this whole month, I have hardly been able to sleep either. Merry Christmas. connie

Marsha said...

I really live the gingerbreadmen! If my grandkids didn't like my blog background so much I'd change mine. Gotta keep those youngin' happy you know!