Thursday, June 4, 2009

Foggy Days

As I progress through Patsy Clairmont's Dancing Bones I am reminded that God will not give us more than we can handle at any given time. She uses the analogy of fog and and its heavy barrier ~ how it prevents us from seeing beyond a certain point ~ and how life is like that. We cannot see beyond a certain point. Were we able to do so, I believe it would be more than our very brains could handle. Patsy says, We can rest in the confidence that no matter what fog bank we end up in, God will care for us, in time liberate us from it, and use our tragedies for higher purposes than we could ever imagine - that is a greater plan. A plan of provision, of liberation, of redemption."

I had to laugh within myself when she talked about why we ask "why" about things that happen to us. She reminded her readers that we think if we knew "why" something had happened that it would help to end the struggle. And yet we know that this is not the case. And even if we did know the "why" of something we would still object vehemently. She believes our "whys" are ways of ranting because life isn't the way we want it to be. God does have a divine plan ~ He does hold His own in the palm of His hand. It is called trusting.

I know, for me, that the "fog of fear" can often walk with hardships and trials. Clairmont comments on this and says, "I wonder, if the disciple Peter hadn't peered through the fog of fear, would he have walked around on the water with Jesus, enjoying the waves instead of sinking in his insecurities? Perhaps if Peter's vision had been clear of fear after Christ was arrested, he would have defended Christ instead of denying him. What do you think? What fogs your vision? Insecurities? Fears? List them. Use the list to create a new prayer emphasis in your life." She encourages her readers to look up the word "fear" in a concordance and follow that "ribbon of thought" through the Bible. And then memorize the verses that "dance off the page." Let the Word of God be the greatest comfort to you.

More times than not we are in valleys. Clairmont encourages her readers to look at our lives and appreciate what is good ~ trust God to see us through the bad ~ and be thankful for the foggy distance and that we can't quite see what lies ahead. That is God's mercy and love and kindness at work. Have a blessed day!

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