Saturday, March 28, 2009


My visit yesterday with the blacksmith was followed by another visit that I reserved telling you about until today. While waiting for my car to be repaired, I walked up the street to a family restaurant ~ hoping to use up some of the wait time for my car.

For as long as I can remember I've known a gal that works in this restaurant ~ and she was on duty yesterday. I sat down with my food and she soon followed and sat beside me. I sensed something was wrong ~ and I was right. She began to share what she had been going through ~ another tragically sad story of a spouse falling prey to the one-eyed-monster known as the internet. It was difficult to listen to yet another account of a Christian family being broken apart from the fall out that comes with an addiction to porn.

Does it not make the statistics (of 1 in 2 Christian men addicted to porn) believable when I know several in my own little part of the world? It would seem that a support group for these folk is in order ~ for wives dealing and coping with the devastation that befalls their family when porn wreaks havoc on their home. All I can say is Heaven help us! It is hard not to get discouraged. We must be praying for the preservation of the family unit.

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Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

I am praying for those that are addicted. My husband and I are at a marriage retreat at your church today and yesterday. The retreat is based on the movie "Fireproof". As you know in the movie 'Caleb' is addicted; God changes 'Caleb's ' heart. So I am praying for all those who have this terrible addiction. Thank you sister friend for having the courage tp speak about this on your site. God bless you. And thanks for stopping by today. If you would like to share your salvation story I would be honored.
Your sister in Christ,

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

You are so right! We need to pray for the preservation of the family!

Just a little while ago as my husband and I were out visiting for our church's bus route, we stopped for a minute at a convenience store. We noticed the two cars parked just beside us. A man and a woman. Two little girls. They were taking suitcases out of the man's car and putting them in the woman's car. The little girls were saying goodbye to the man and getting in the woman's car. I don't know of course for sure but am just guessing that the little girls have just finished spending Spring Break with their Daddy. His tag was from Alabama. Her tag was from Arkansas. We figured they were meeting in the middle here in Mississippi to exchange the kids. It made us SO VERY SAD to see this! And to think it is multiplied thousands of times over here in the USA. Poor little kids! Our country needs revival.

God bless you,

Cindy said...

Just like God can put someone in our path to encourage us, He put you in the young woman's path to be an encouragement to her. It is exciting to know that God can use a car repair for a divine appointment.

Nancy said...

I'm glad God put you in the car repair shop and then in the restaurant. He was preparing your field by having you meet and be encouraged by the blacksmith before you went into the restaurant. I've made you a banner to put on my sidebar so I don't have to type your LONG blog title everytime I want to read your entries. It's on my left sidebar under Cindy's banner. It's a pretty little pansy~


A Note From Theresa said...

Hello Theresa here from A Note From Theresa. Just dropping by to say I'm back on the web and two pictures of our new house is posted.

Have a blessed day!


If Satan can get the heads of our homes then there goes the family in most cases. I am so sorry for your friend. We must pray all the harder. connie

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi Cathryn,

Thanks for sharing that with us! Very insightful! We all need to ask for protection for our households/families. We are in prayer with you.

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May the Lord bless you and your family!!

Mark, Lynn, Brooke & Carley Seay

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Pilar Stark said...

You are so right about the need of the support group. Just like we have in churches so many needed ministries, this one should be one of them. Of course then the men would have to be willing to come out, and the rest of us should be willing to not be as judgemental as we are. That would be another deal.
Thank you for the awareness, it doesn't matter how often I read about this statistics, it always amazes me.

Seeking Grace on the Narrow Path said...

It's Bren again. I thank you again for writing this post. My husband learned a lot at the retreat at our church in NC. In my last comment I accidently wrote that the retreat was at your church. Sorry! I hope this did not cause any problems for you. Sorry!
After talking to my pastor and learning so much from the retreat I feel God is leading me to do the "Fireproof" study on my web site. Would you please let your friend know? I don't know if husbands will read; but maybe with God's help we can encourage them.
Thank you my dear sister in Christ for all you do.
God many blessings,

Marsha said...

I praise God you have this trusting relationship with the woman at the restaurant. By the Holy Spirit convict men and women of this sinful behavior and bring them to repentance.