Thursday, October 23, 2008

I Surrender All

When I was a teenager, I remember going into the basement at home and trying to bang out a tune on our old upright piano. The one song I could play really well was I Surrender All.

I had always dreamed of being a concert pianist. So in my freshman year of college I decided to take piano lessons. I reckon it was already too late for me ~ kind of like teaching an old dog new tricks. I just couldn't seem to pick it up ~ except for that one song I Surrender All. I still have dreams of being a concert pianist but that is all they are ~ just dreams. And to this day, hearing the piano play is still one of my most favorite of things to listen to.

Recently when I was updating my music playlist for this blog I came across none other than my one song ~ that which you hear playing right now. It got me to thinking about that night long ago when I was just 12 years old when I surrendered my life to Jesus in an old time revival meeting.

How time flies. It seems like just yesterday when I walked the aisle in that little Baptist church in southern Kentucky and asked Jesus into my heart. Just like yesterday ~ but it wasn't just yesterday ~ it was nearly 38 years ago. And the highlight of my life has been surrendering my life to my Lord. I can't tell you that I've always walked the straight and narrow in the past or present. I can't tell you my life has been without heartache and disappointment. I can't tell you that I have done all I could for Him. But I can tell you I wouldn't change the journey for anything.

In closing, here's the words to my song ~

All to Jesus I surrender ~ All to Him I freely give
I will ever love and trust Him, In His presence daily live.
All to Jesus I surrender ~ Humbly at His feet I bow
Worldly pleasures all forsaken Take me, Jesus, take me now.
I surrender all, I surrender all;
All to Jesus I surrender ~ I surrender all.

2 Thoughts On The Matter:

karin said...

I love that song! It's definitely a process ~ this surrendering. At first we think we have surrendered ALL and then the Lord gently, patiently shows us the things or people in life we are still hanging on to. He works all the circumstances in life to bring us to the point of surrendering them all to HIM.

On playlists - I'm trying to put together a Christmas playlist and I'm having trouble finding just the right artists and carols. Any suggestions?

~~Deby said...

I love that hymn....and it the words....