Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No Matter What

I am so glad that God’s mercy endures forever. Not just for today or tomorrow or next week ~ but forever. In Psalm 118 God tells us five different times that His mercy endures for all times. And that’s a promise that I find myself leaning on a whole lot in life. Were it not for His mercy we would all be doomed.

In God’s love and mercy He looked down upon a weak people in need of a Savior and gave us just that in the Lord Jesus Christ. In our King’s love and mercy He keeps forgiving us when we have sinned and then seek His face. In Jehovah’s love and mercy He holds us in the palm of our hand ~ watching over us ~ keeping us secure ~ as we stumble through this journey called "life" ~ as we make the feeblest of attempts to serve Him. In our Shepherd’s love and mercy He embraces us in our sin-torn lives ~ directing our footsteps ~ guiding us with His staff. Oh how I love Him. Oh how thankful I am that I am His. Oh how heart warming that no matter what comes His mercy for me endures forever.

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