Friday, October 17, 2008

A True Friend To Me

God still answers prayer! Amen? He does indeed. Today ~ beautifully done ~ God sent a precious friend from the past back into my life. I had been praying for her for quite some time ~ I just didn’t know her name. I know that sounds confusing. There is a particular path that I have been on and I have been praying that God would provide someone for me to talk to ~ someone who could know where I was coming from because she had already been there.

I have been praying to my Lord again and again and again about my path. But, you know, sometimes it is comforting to have a human that can talk back to you. And, so this has been a big prayer request of mine. Not everyone is capable, willing, or even interested in serving as an earthly counselor. Yet I know that God allows us to go through situations in our life so that we can then help others when they travel the same journey. I knew that individual existed somewhere for me.

This woman is such an example of true Christianity ~ she has a heart of gold for God ~ she is a mighty prayer warrior ~ one of those folk that you so admire and you’ve never heard her say an ill word about another soul. I suppose our paths hadn’t crossed in well over two years. Today God answered my prayer and ~ as usual ~ He didn’t answer it in a small way and I could never thank Him enough.

To reunite with a dear old friend who knows my journey and can objectively, kindly, lovingly ~ and without judging ~ guide me ~ that was a very big gift to receive this day. As I spoke with her for quite some time she wept with me, she laughed with me, she prayed with me, and she shared her own path that was similar to the one I am on now. And she committed to pray for me every day. Thank you God for answering my prayer ~ and thank you friend for being willing to be the answer.

2 Thoughts On The Matter:

susansspace said...

I'm so happy for you, Cathryn!
God answers our prayers in His own way and time, and it's usually so much more than we had imagined!
About the blog background, just Google
'The Cutest Blog on the Block'. They have an endless number of free backgrounds. You'll have fun just scrolling through them! Then click on the one you choose & the code for copying as well as full instructions comes up. Believe me, if I can do it, ANYONE can!
Good luck, and if you have any problems, let me know. I'll be happy to help.
I love your music, too! We have similar tastes in Christian & easy listening, it seems!
Blessings, Susan

Anonymous said...

Our Lord is a mighty one ... how lovely that you were to receive your special friend in Christ again!
Thank you for your sharing and we too will continue to pray and pray ....