Friday, January 2, 2009

Karin Sent Me An Award!

To my great surprise Karin at Yesterday, Today, Forever has given me a blog award. To follow are the instructions she shared with me ~ Select seven bloggers to pass this award on to and then link this post back to the person who gave me the award. It was hard to choose but I have chosen the following ladies ~
The first friend I met in "blogland" ~ Susan
My "inspirational" Washington State friend ~ Deby
A great mother ..... ~ Sharon
My "warm-hearted" friend ~ Marsha
A friend with a great testimony in word and song ~ Deborah
A newer friend who inspires me so ~ Marilyn
A Kindred spirit ~ Michele
It was hard to choose. Thanks to you all for making my experience in blogland richer.

9 Thoughts On The Matter:

~~Deby said...

Congratulations...on your award and thank you for rewarding me with it....
Happy New Years to you and yours...and God's Blessings and HIS best to you....dear lady....

karin said...

Good to see the blog award up! I'll just go and visit all your bloggy friends now!

susansspace said...

Wow! I'm honored! Was I really your first bloggy friend? How neat!
You've been an inspiration to me, Cathryn.
Have a blessed Lord's Day!
S: )

Sharon said...

Congratulations on your award! Thank you for passing it on to me. I pray you and your family are greatly blessed this year.

Marsha said...

Congratulations on this lovely award, Cathyrn! I'm truly blessed that you have shared it with me. I'm humbled you speak so highly of me, truly I am.

bopeep said...

Congratulations on your awards !!!
Thank You for your visit, come again.

Michele Williams said...

Congrats on this awesome award. I am so humbled and grateful that you wanted to share this award with me.... your kindred spirit! Thank you so much dear friend. I am praying for you dear....

Deborah said...

Thank you for thinking of me Cathryn! You truly do deserve this award, your blog has been such a blessing to me!

Marilyn in Mississippi said...

Thanks Cathryn for the beautiful award! I have placed in the sidebar on my blog!

You have been a real encouragement to me lately. Thank you for that also!

God bless,