Friday, February 27, 2009

Thank You ~ Friends ~ For Your Love and Prayers

It's not always easy to remain in contact when you are walking through a deep valley. I've taken time away from blogging for that reason. I have felt the prayers of my blog friends and have appreciated every sweet email and post comment I have received. Thank you for caring about me ~ someone you don't even know. I look forward to spending an eternity with you ~ my Christian sisters ~ in Heaven.

3 Thoughts On The Matter:

Deborah said...

Even though we'e never met, I feel like I know you....I think we show more of our hearts through writing than we do in daily conversations.
Love & Prayers, ~Deb

susansspace said...

Cathryn, I really like the little saying you have 'Sometimes God calms the storm... Sometimes he lets the storm rage and calms His child.'
This is so true! May He continue to give you peace in your heart and restore your spirit!
Still praying,


Dear Cathry, and I with you. connie