Monday, September 7, 2009

It's Been Fifteen Weeks ~ And That's Just Too Long

Fifteen weeks ago I wrote to share how God made provision for the girls and I to live back in my hometown. It was no easy task to pack the items from our three story house into a one story; to pack three bathrooms into one; to pack a two car garage into one; and to move into a kitchen with half the cabinet space and no pantry. It was possible only after donating several items to a good cause, giving away what we could, and storing things at my sister’s home. I learned two very important lessons ~ 1) to my shame I had way too much stuff, and 2) my basement was being used for nothing more than a glorified storage unit ~ for stuff I didn’t even use or that I forgot that I had.

Granted, it has not taken me fifteen weeks to pack up our home, move to the rental property, and unpack it all. I cannot deny that there has been a great deal of adjustment to leaving my home, my friends, my family, and my community. There have been tearful days and nights as I have learned to trust again that God is working everything out for my good. And I reckon it just took me a spell to be ready to finally come back and reunite with you all. Thanks to all who prayed even though I was out of touch for a while. I appreciate it so much.

The small home that I live in now is a diamond-in-the-rough complete with an occasional mouse. Now that has been something to adjust to ~ fourlegged friends. We’ve caught a few and our seven cats have been feasting on the rest. They are fat and sassy and hardly eating the cat food. :) The rental house sits on historical property owned by the Mill Springs Battlefield Association here in Kentucky - complete with a real cannon, a small cemetery in the back field, and a huge rambling home over 175 years old that was used as a hospital and military headquarters during the Civil War. God was very gracious in giving us this place to rent. Each window brings a different and unique view that is simply calming and appealing to my spirit and soul.

Tonight we once again watched a momma and baby deer graze on the lawn of the old home. Every day we can watch two beautiful horses across the road galloping through the field ~ which is a reminder of the thoroughbreds near the home we left. Truly God’s hand is here ~ and He knows that I need that moment by moment. His mercies truly are great. His peace permeates this place and were I able to even return to where I came from I do not believe I would. This is a simpler place with a simpler life in most ways.

I’ve missed you all. And I look forward to catching up on your blogs and becoming reacquainted.
Much love, Cathryn