Sunday, August 1, 2010

God Has Commissioned Me To My Next Assignment ~ So I Am Reporting For Duty!

I am tremendously excited to share that God finally revealed where He would have me to work next. Six days ago I was interviewed to teach fourth grade at a Christian school and soon thereafter I was hired for the job. For the past few days I have been designing learning centers and bulletin boards, typing up lesson plans, and setting up the classroom. I had forgotten how much work there was involved in teaching school. I feel so blessed to be given this wonderful opportunity and frankly it has been more fun than work!

Last week I reflected upon my experience of working in a worldly environment and what a glorious experience it was. The job I am entering is such a stark difference to what I have left behind. And I needed to see that stark difference ~ so that it will be a constant reminder of what life is like with Christ and what life is like without Him. I, me, Cathryn Glass, needs that reminder so that I won't forget. I need to remember that God sent His Son to the cross FOR ALL PEOPLE. That God wants me to have a heart for the down and out. That not everyone has the means to send their children to a Christian school ~ and that beyond those school doors is another world that needs my compassion and love and concern for their souls ~ for their lives ~ for their welfare.

I won't forget God. I am eternally grateful for my experience ~ of walking the trenches with the lost and dying ~ of literally rubbing shoulders with them. I won't forget........ I promise. Oh mighty God may I be used in whatever capacity you place me in. For there are lost and dying souls - even in a Christian school.