Monday, June 28, 2010

My Friend Ann ~ Once Was Lost But Now She's Found

Our life is a tale that is told (Psalm 90:9). Nothing is an accident. Nothing is a coincidence. Almighty God is in complete control. He knows each chapter, each paragraph, each word, each letter of our lives. As we are journeying through our book of life it is often difficult to understand why certain things happen. I often have to remind myself that God is the author of my life, He wrote the book, He knows the ending, and He is going to see me through.

About three months ago it was needful for me to step away from my dream job. I believe with all my heart that God led me to that position. It was a ministry job in a Christian school and it was a pure joy to go everyday and serve the Lord. It was not my decision to step away - but rather it was God's. And while I was completely accepting of it, it was difficult to let go and say goodbye. Many folk in this life are not blessed enough to work at a job that they absolutely love. For me ~ this was that job. I can look back on those few months and see God's hand in my life ~ I can look upon those things accomplished for that institution and though it was only for a season ~ God's will was clearly executed.

Over a month ago, I was contacted to do some summer work for a telemarketing company - not exactly my cup of tea. I'm gonna be honest with you - I did not want to do it. I wanted my old job back. Even with that attitude, I felt a great peace in proceeding forward with this summer job. Last night I had the blessing to lead a fellow worker to the cross. I had been praying and hoping for an opportunity since the day I had met her. She was such a troubled person. It was hard to fathom that so many things could have gone wrong in just one person's life. Oh, how I wanted to tell her the GOOD NEWS but the door was never quite open - it simply wasn't God's timing.

And, then, just when I least expected it God opened the door as if to say, "It is time." The phone system had malfunctioned and no one was taking calls; the first crew of workers had left for the night. I turned to chat with this dear individual and there she sat in tears. God had softened her heart and I had the highest of honors to tell her about my Lord.

If I had to leave my dream job in order to be a part of this miracle ~ I would do it all over again without hesitation. This job will soon be finished and I know I will look back on it as one of the greatest summers ever. Why? Because my friend once was lost and now is found. And someday I will spend an eternity with her. I give all praise to God for this glorious opportunity. Yep, it's been a good summer.

6 Thoughts On The Matter:

Carrie said...

Praise the Lord!! God used you in such a mighty way because you were willing to follow his leading. We all should be more willing!
Love & Prayers

Deborah said...

What a wonderful testimony!

Sharon said...

How wonderful that your eyes were open to the opportunity to lead her to the Lord!! Praising God for another soul in HIS Kingdom!!!

Abounding Treasures said...

What a wonderful testimony!

Thanks for sharing your story as well as your friend's ... it's an encouragement in every aspect :o)

Tori Leslie said...

What a great testimony of God's grace and your obedience.
Just found you and I'll be back!

Scott and Sherie said...

Came upon this blog by accident. What a wonderful way the Lord has used you on your new job. I felt the same way lately and can't wait to see what the Lord has for us in this new move. - Sherie, wife to Scott and mother to three blessings