Sunday, November 2, 2008

Always Remember

I recently purchased a birthday card with the following inscription by Roy Lessin ~
When God made you
He did so with a purpose and a plan
He saw all your days
Before you lived one of them
And placed over you the
Covering of His protective love.

He has allowed nothing
To come into your life
That has not first been screened
Through His love
His hand has remained upon you

To this very day
He calls you by name
You are His beloved child
The apple of His eye
The delight of His heart
Today you are in
The exact place
He wants you to be
And tomorrow He will be with you
As He has always been
In goodness, in kindness
In faithfulness

What a comfort those words are. God has numbered the hairs on my head. He knows each step I have taken. He knew me before I was even formed. He's with me today and He will be with me tomorrow.

3 Thoughts On The Matter:

Sue said...

Hi! I am new to blogging, too. I did a search for Christian blogs, then found yours by seeing what blogs the bloggers I like follow. I like it so well, I'm going to follow it.

susansspace said...

Hi, Cathryn,
When I read your post today, I immediately thought of the song
'He Knows My Name'. Have you heard it? It's a beautiful song, and it's message is pretty much what you were saying.
Have a good week!

A Note From Theresa said...

That was a good post.