Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Recent Theme

Friends, I know I have been writing a lot lately about the trials of this life. Right now I know so many Christian families under attack ~ good Christian families. satan would like nothing more than to sift them as wheat. Thus the thoughts on my heart. I'm not apologizing :) ~ just explaining.

3 Thoughts On The Matter:

A Note From Theresa said...

Dear Cathryn you never have to explain any thing the Lord lays on your heart to say.

I made a special post on my weight loss blog to answer your question.

Have a wonderful day!

Sharon said...

I really like your blog Cathryn and I'm putting you in my sidebar under "Inspirational Blogs".

I've seen a lot of this sifting going on in Christians' lives and believe the heat is only going to get turned up. We must stay CLOSE to the Lord so He can see us through these trials. I am so thankful for the many bloggers who realize this and that we can all pray for one another. I appreciate your prayers and comments during my daughter's recent hospital stay. :-)

~~Deby said...

I think things have been tough...for individuals, families, churches.....I am truly a last days believer.
just finished reading my Bible through in a year today..using the schedule that was on my blog...you mentioned you ordered them....I finished early..what a blessing.