Monday, November 10, 2008

An Awesome Year In God's Word

It isn’t always easy to self-administer the Biblical medicine that you have been giving others. I received some tough news yesterday and I know that despite all ~ come what may ~ God is still on His throne. He still cares about me deeply. Sweet Deborah wrote me and encouraged me to go back and read my own posts. I had to smile. I have read and re-read those verses ~ pondered the very thoughts I shared that God burdened my heart with. And she’s right ~ I simply have to keep claiming them.

Today there was a special Thanksgiving gathering for the home school moms and we each told three things that we were thankful for. One thing I shared was my love for the Bible. To my shame, I told the ladies that in the past 38 years of my second birth (my salvation), I had only submerged myself in the Word for the past year. Notice I said "to my shame." I have read a random chapter here and there, read entire devotional books, and I have even read different books of the Bible multiple times ~ but until one year ago I had never submerged myself ~ truly submerged myself ~ in God’s love letter to His people. I regret the lost years but anxiously look forward to future years like this one.

You often hear folk say "I don’t know how they can live without Jesus." Amen to that ~ but there’s more ~ "I don’t know how they live without God’s Word." It is truly a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path ~ each and every day of my life. That’s why I am constantly encouraging folk to stay in the Word. I speak from years of experience ~ learn from my mistake ~ study God's Word ~ truly study it ~ it will come alive and you will simply fall in love with it. I know I have.

2 Thoughts On The Matter:

susansspace said...

I'm sorry you are going through a difficult time! I'll be praying for you, Cathryn!
Good post about the study of God's Word. I told my husband he can give me a copy of J. Vernon McGee's 'Through the Bible (5 year) Study' for Christmas this year. Are you familiar with it?
S: )
P.S. Yes, I am a pet lover, but no inside pets. I feed approx. 50+
chipmunks in my yard, 3 crows (that come when I call), & numberous birds. Your 7 cats would have a feast at my house. Ha!

Sue said...

My experience is kind of the opposite of yours. When God gave me my faith in 1984, I went through a number of years of closeness to God through being in the Word. I want to find something I wrote during that time to put on my blog, comparing being the the Word with exercising. The last several years, I go through times of being "too busy" which is something I just couldn't understand as a newer Christian. Hang in there, continuing to lean on God.